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ReCatechsim 1: Becoming Like Jesus

Thinking Like Jesus                                               

Praying Like Jesus

Sacrificing and Offering Like Jesus

Loving Like Jesus

ReCatechism 2: The Sacramental Life

A New Beginning: Baptism and Chrismation

The Sacraments of Love: Marriage and Ordination

Finding Healing in Suffering: Holy Unction

The Medicine of Immortality: Holy Communion

ReCatechism 3: The Divine Liturgy

It's Time: The Pre-Liturgy Preparation

Blessed is the Kingdom: The Liturgy of the Word

Putting Aside the Cares of Life: The Liturgy of the Faithful

With Awe, Faith and Love Draw Near: The Communion

ReCatechsim 4: The Divine Services

Holy Water Everywhere: Agaismos and House Blessings

Peace and Health: Artoclasia and St Phanourios Blessings

May Their Memory Be Eternal: Funerals, Memorials and Trisagia

Singing God's Praises in the Morning: Matins and Hours Services

ReCatechism Pascha 2010: The Resurrection in the New Testament

The Resurrection of Christ in the New Testament

Life: Both Here and Eternal

ReCatechsim Pascha 2011: The Christian Arts

Fish, Anchors and More: Christian Symbols through the Centuries