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ReCatechism 5: The Orthodox Family

For Better or Worse: Marriage Today

A Great Decision: Adoption or Abortion

Individuals and Their Place in the Church: Singles, Divorcees and Widows

Lady Gaga in the Christian House: Secularism in the Orthodox Family

Your Spiritual Family: Spiritual Fathers and Spiritual Children

ReCatechism 6: The Orthodox Family

Old Game, New Tricks: Parenting in the 21st Century

Illness in the Family: Coping in Difficult Circumstances

Keeping the Balance: The Unity of Bioethics and Faith

Obsession Control: Dealing with Addictions

Saintly Families: Examples for Parents and Kids Today

ReCatechism 7: Discovering the New Testament

Introducing the Good Book

The Gospels

The Book of Acts and the Letters to the Corinthians

Paul and his Epistles

Hebrews, James, Peter and John

Jude and the Book of Revelation

ReCatechism 8: Finding Jesus Christ in the Old Testament

In the Beginning: Genesis

Jealousy and Forgiveness: The Story of Joseph

Seeing God: Moses and the Ten Commandments

Preaching Repentance: The Story of Jonah

Dreams, Visons and God's Judgement: Daniel

A God-Crowned King and Prophet: David

Praising God in Hymns: Wisdom Literature

Describing the Suffering Servant: Isaiah